4 Cute and Unique Women Tattoo You’ll Instantly Love

From the desire of being unique, drawing attention, paying tribute to loved ones to rebellion has been various reasons that underlie people decide to ink their bodies. If you are a first-timer, it is better to get a cute and unique small one instead. You’ll have a special tattoo without being too noticeable.

To help you out, here are cute and unique women tattoo designs you’ll fall for.

Whale and Dolphin Tattoo

Having these sea creatures swimming in your body is cute and unique options. The whale is mostly symbolized for compassion, solitude and unbridled energy. Meanwhile, dolphins are many times associated with balance, harmony, free and joy spirit together with intelligent. You can let these magnificent animals swimming in your wrist, ankle, thigh or any other place you like.

This unique tattoo patterned with dolphin and given a touch of letters on the feet
dolphin tattoo presented on the back neck
simple dolphin-shaped tattoo on your neck
3D dolphin tattoo presented on the shoulder
simple dolphin tattoo presented to the arm
minimalist dolphin tattoo combined with beautiful flowers

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two dolphin tattoos given on the back of the back
unique tattoo that gives a touch of dolphin

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Lettering Tattoo

Little words on your body will particularly draw people’s attention. You can have a famous quote that you really love and describe you best. or simple special words from your loved ones. Besides picking the right sayings, the style of font is also crucial. Calligraphy and handwriting have been favorite fonts for tattoos.

presenting a simple tattoo containing words
if you want to give a touch of tattoos on your body you can explain your name
simple tattoo in the form of writing on the front shoulder
minimalist tattoos will look simple
presenting flower-patterned tattoos and also writing
simple writing with three words for a tattoo on your body

Image Source

words that are applied to the body can be present on the waist side

Image Source

Dream Catcher Tattoo

Nowadays dream catcher is a favorite women tattoo because of their feminine and unique pattern. This Native American symbol is believed to alienate bad dreams and exchange them with good dreams and spirits. You can either have a black dream catcher or a colorful one. After choosing the pic you love, find the right tattoo artist to do your design.

if you want to make a dreamcatcher patterned tattoo on the back of the back
beautiful tattoo on the back of your back with a dreamcather motif
3D tattoo motif that looks like a dream catcher on the arm
minimalist tattoo patterned dreamcatcher on the inside of the arm
simple tattoo patterned dreamcatcher suitable for clean white skin
large tattoo patterned dreamcatcher that is presented on your back
This simple dreamcatcher tattoo is presented on the neck

Image Source

Mini 3D Butterfly Tattoo

The 3D tattoo has been a popular item amongst women. Women mostly adopt a butterfly image, which is often known for a symbol of a soul, and the 3D effect gives the illusion that the beautiful insect is resting on your body. You can have it on your back, wrist, or back of the hand. Picking a perfect women tattoo that resonates with you is essential because you will carry it for the rest of your life unless you get it lasered. Keep your tattoo simple with those cute and unique designs.

Modified butterfly tattoo with flowers on the back arm
3D butterfly tattoos that look on the back of the back
a beautiful butterfly is alighting on a plant and is applied to a tattoo on the back arm
Minimalist butterfly tattoos then look beautiful if attended to in your hand
Give a touch of 3D butterfly tattoo on the arm then it will look beautiful
enough to give a touch of a butterfly tattoo on the waist
large tattoo that features a butterfly and also the face character on the back
3D tattoo depicting a butterfly on the back of your back

image Source

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