4 Ultimate Inspirations of Minimalist Outfit for Spring

Winter is going to end soon, say “see you later” to your thick-layered outfits—knit wool sweaters, boots, Teddy Bear coats, and oversized scarves. As the spring enters, you need something lighter, but also not too thin. This season is the right time for minimalist yet smart layering. Therefore, here are five ultimate inspirations of minimalist outfits for spring you can try.

Light Trench Coats

No more cuddly jackets or coats in this season. However, if you still need some layering, you may opt for a loose, light trench coat that falls gorgeously. Beige or light grey is often chosen for this type of coat.

beige coat combined with comfortable beige sandals and use a slingbag
beige coat to combine white midi dress
beige coat combined with white shirt and ripped jeans
beige coat combined with a white T-Shirt and gray skirt
beige coat combined with a white shirt, ripped denim pants and black ankle boot
beige coat combined with an army midi dress
beige coat combined with white T-Shirt and ripped jeans
beige coat combined with a black top and black mini skirt

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Simple Stripes

Who hates stripes? This pattern is not unloved but is somehow underrated. A long dress or a light sweater with simple stripe patterns is also a part of minimalism in fashion. It is elegance in simplicity.

stripe sweater and denim pants
stripe sweater and ripped jeans
stripe sweater with black pants and high heels
stripe sweater and ripped jeans with blue shoes

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stripe dress and white shoes
slim stripe dress and pink high heels
stripe dress and black leather boots
stripe dress to combine denim jacket and suede boot

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Denim Jackets and shoes

For a chic, casual look in spring, try out a combo of a plain grey t-shirt, a mini buttoned skirt, plus a classic denim jacket. Then, finish that off with a pair of sneakers. It is indeed a minimalist outfit for spring.

denim jeans and black pants with black leather shoes
denim jacket and black skinny
denim jacket and polka dot legging
denim jacket combined with stripe T-Shirt and black leggings
blue denim jacket and patterned leggings
blue denim jacket to combine white T-Shirt and denim pants
denim jacket and white T-Shirt with black legging
denim jacket with black midi dress
denim jacket with black mini skirt and shoes

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Nude Color Palette

Since the weather gets a little warmer, nude colors are often picked for any types of clothes. That color palette represents fresh and light looks—obviously spring looks. Thinking nude means any colors ranging from off-white, beige, peach, ivory, cream, sand, and camel. The colors are also minimalist as they are soft, plain, and edgy.

long beige shirt and black midi dress
simple knit shirt and midi skirt with white shoes
long coat with white trouser and sneakers
black long cardigan combined with white T-Shirt, black pants, and white shoes
light grey coat with beige midi dress
beige coat with knit turtleneck sweater and boot knee-high
black blazer with white shirt, black pants and white sneakers
light grey coat with white knit sweater, grey pants and white shoes

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So, which minimal outfit for spring suits your style the best?

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