29 Chic Types of Skirt to Wear in Spring 2020

Spring is around the corner. What kind of clothes do you want to wear for the flowering season? If you are thinking about skirts, opt for the ones that will match the season’s ambiance. Of all plenty of types of skirts available in the market, you can always choose the ones that suit your styles the best. Here are several chic types of skirt to wear in spring.

Floral A-Line Midi Skirt

There is always a room for a floral skirt or dress in a girl’s wardrobe, especially for spring! Now, it is time to take out your pretty floral A-line midi skirt from the wardrobe and combine it with a tight-fitting plain white t-shirt, a necklace and a clutch in a similar color, as well as a pair of peep-toe wedges with a nude color. You will turn many heads in that outfit.

white blouse and blue floral midi dress
white blouse and colorful floral skirt with beige high heels

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red lace shirt with dark blue floral skirt and red high heels
bright floral midi skirt and green T-Shirt
dark blue shirt and white floral midi skirt with light blue higheels
white blouse and higheels to combine gree floral midi skirt
stripe T-Shirt and floral midi skirt

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Dark-Colored Skater Skirt

Dark colors for spring? Why not, as long as you can make it as chic as possible? Try on a skater skirt in a dark color like navy blue, paired with a matching sweater, a black faux leather jacket. To add to the chicness, wear a pair of see-through dark-colored stocking and leather ankle boots.

knit red sweater with dark grey midi skirt and black leather ankle boot
thick knit grey sweater with purple midi skirt and sneakers
white blouse combined with a leather jacket and black midi skirt
white turtleneck sweater with grey midi skirt and black legging

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gray long coat to combine black sweater with black leather mini skirt and black knee-high boots
leopard shirt with red bold mini skirts and black leggings, To make beautiful use a round hat
knit white sweater to combine dark grey mini skirt and black legging

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Classic Lace Pencil Skirt

A lace dress or skirt is old-fashioned, yet such a classic beauty. It really depends on how you pair it with the other clothing items. This spring, pair a light-colored lace pencil skirt with a sweater in the same color. Finish off with a pair of pretty nude pumps. Voila!

blue lace skirt with grey shirt and stripe blazer
soft pink lace skirt with long grey shirt
white lace skirt and knit sweater
white lace skirt and sleeveless black shirt

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white lace skirt and denim shirt

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red lace skirt and black T-Shirt

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white lace midi skirt and dark blue blouse

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Flirty Fringe Skirt

Fringe skirts are pretty and flirty. We guarantee that you will not be able to resist the style of a fringe skirt (usually in light brown/camel color) paired with a denim jacket and high-heeled leather boots. That is absolutely a chic type of skirt to wear in spring.

black Fringe Skirt and white shirt
black fringe skirt and grey T-Shirt
green shirt yang simple and fringe skirt
fringe mini skirt and black T-Shirt
gold fringe skirt to combine black T-Shirt and yellow coat
black leather fringe skirt and long black shirt
elegant black fringe skirt and black T-Shirt

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fringe mini skirt with white T-Shirt and high heels

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