3 Classy but Casual Parisian Outfits for Woman

What comes to mind when talking about Parisian women’s style? The word fashionable might be at the top of your mind. The fashion world always makes a quest about how to be a real Parisian. 

How to? If you are going to make yourself like a true Parisian, follow some fashion faux pas they never do and here are the Parisian outfit for women that you can follow.

1. Never Show The Brand Distinctly

What is the thing that Parisians rarely do? That must be showing the brand of your outfits. You think that flashing it to everyone seems the right way to show to the world how luxurious your outfits.

black blouse, denim pants, and black flatshoes
gray T-Shirt as underwear and denim jacket with beige pants
stripe T-Shirt combined with beige overcoat and black denim pants
white blazer and black skirt
black blazer and denim pants for complement add a round hat
white knitted shirt and plaid cardigan with denim pant
white knitted sweater and skinny legging with sneakers to look cool
grey blazer with beige mini skirt and black high heel
chic stripe dress and black overcoat
patterned blouse with head accessories to increase confidence
lace shirt with denim pants and black high heels

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Lavish staff speaks for themselves and you do not need to tell all the people distinctly. For the Parisians, being exclusive is not only about the brand but about how you wear the pieces.

2. Don’t be The Trend Slave

Following the latest thing for many people is considered the right way to be stylish. The point is, being a trend followers a.k.a slave is not the same as being fashionable. 

Beige Blouse with Dark Gray Pant and pretty shoes
stripe shirt and denim pants for complementary accessories with a black leather sling bag
all color black outfit with beige scarf and leopard shoes
so you look beautiful using white blouse combined with black blazer, mini skirt and black leggings
white shirt and slim skirt combined with beige overcoat
white blouse and denim pant for complement can add black leather bag accessories
black blazer combined with a warm light gray coat
beige knitted sweater with pants yang senada
white blazer and denim pants
striped shirt and black trouser to look funny add cute hat accessories
matching beige knitted sweaters and overcoats combined with black pants and high heels
white blouse and denim pants to make it look beautiful use gray high heels

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Pick the pieces that suit you, that define the real you, not the outfits that you cannot relate. How can you inspire other people when you are not comfortable with yourself?

3. Not Being to Bright/Bold

To catch other people’s eyes we tend to use bright or bold colors. That is a good point as long as you do not wear it too much. When you are going bold or bright from head to toe, people will think that you are overrated

all colors are red as well as classy sling bags
polka dot blouse with blue dominant color combined with plaid blazer, denim pants, and white boot
blue blazer with deep white T-Shirt and blue long skirt
colorful long dress
blue midi dress with light blue blazer and suede boot
mustard jacket and brown beige
yellow outfit that is used to make it stand out
yellow jacket hoodie with a colorful midi skirt and black shoes
The red jumpsuit is combined with a thick red overcoat and warms to the base using the chrome boot
blue sweater with black pant
white knitted sweaters and mini skirts to make it look striking as well as the color of your sandals
blue shirt dress with black ankle boots
orange knitted sweater and floral pants with white shoes
for a prominent appearance choose your bright outfit color

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The Parisian woman loves to keep it neutral that they wont to be too bright from head to toe. They do not catch the attention by being too overrated.

Do you think that having Parisian Style for women is challenging? You do not have to be!

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