32 Gorgeous Christmas Makeup Look This Year

The preparation for this year’s Christmas celebration will definitely make you very busy. Especially if you haven’t taken time off from your routine. Moreover, you are definitely getting busier and rushing. But there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss. Indeed do not forget the attractive makeup to enhance your appearance for the big even. Because looking beautiful for Christmas is a pride for women. Then the appearance which includes clothing and makeup must be prepared immediately.

The sparkling impression is becoming the trend of makeup today. Then you can use shimmer based powder on the face after using primer, foundation or BB cream. Moreover, you can also use a glow foundation. Certainly, shimmer based makeup will leave a shiny impression on your face. Finally, this type of makeup will look great for a Christmas party. In addition, shimmer should be used according to your skin tone. But if you have dark skin color it is not recommended to use too much shimmer.

Add black glitter to the eyelid
use bold black on your eyelashes
add beads that make your eyes stand out
add start beads to your eyelids
Your eye makeup applies a soft pink touch
Add glitter to the black panda eyelids
beige color for you to add to your eyelids then add red eyeliner
You only need a little touch to beautify your eyes
brown and silver eyeliner
red glittery eye make up
thin touch of pink
thin touch of yellow
apply make your eyes with a touch of dark green
if you want to look beautiful, apply your eye makeup with a dark color
thin touch on the thin golden eyelid
add a slight touch of silver glitter
which uses three color touches for eye makeup
ombre style to enhance your eyes
Thin touch is enough to make you look natural
Apply a slight touch of glitter to your eyelids
Apply your eye makeup by using a dark color
if you want to look prominent you apply dark makeup on the part of your eyes
Thin black touch to look you beautiful
natural touch to your face
thick makeup for you to apply for your appearance
which requires three touches of color to beautify your eyes
nude and blue which is applied to beautify your eyes
dark on the eyelid
use to beautify your face and give two touches around the eyes
Your eyelids are made dark for your appearance
if you want to look beautiful, give a thin touch on the eyelid

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gold eyeliner to beautify you
apply a touch of green glitter
just need a little polish on the eyelid
a thick touch that is applied to beautify your eyes
gold eyeliner for your make up
green face with dark eye makeup

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Use a bright color blush to emphasize your cheekbones. In this case, blush should be applied thinly. Then choose a blush color that matches the eye shadow and outfit color you are using. Furthermore, you need to avoid using dark colors on the cheeks if you use dark colors or even too bright on the lips. As a result, your makeup shouldn’t look overdone.

You have to show eye makeup that seems sharp but still beautiful. For example one of the best choices for your eyes is to form smoky eyes. Here you can also use eyeliner with a combination of gray and black so that the smoky effect is more obvious. The smudge and smoky look is adored by all. For your beautiful lips, you can use pink or red. But If you are not too comfortable with bright colors, lip gloss can be the right choice. Or you can also try nude or light pink for a more radiant effect.

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