8 Ways to Pick the Perfect Nail Art Designs for Short Nails

Talking about the appearance, women are people who want to always look perfect. So, they will pay attention to starting from the smallest things like nail art designs. The right nail design will make your appearance more elegant and confident. Short and shaped nails will be easy to care for. Even more so when talking about nail art. Short nails will make it easier for you to choose the right design. There are many ways to show short, inspiring nail art. Starting from nail polish or nail art.

Graffiti Nail Art

Who would have thought, someone who likes graffiti art can pour his ideas into a unique nail art design. Even though it’s just writing, it can be drawn into beautiful nail art designs. Using contrasting colors makes short nails more inviting.

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Monochrome Peek-a-Boo Nail Art

Even more, women always miss tenderness. So, some of them poured it into a soft peek-a-boo nail art design. The soft peach color looks sweeter with the addition of a wrestled design. This design instantly makes short nails more attractive.

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Mix And Match Polka Dots

In another hand, move from soft nail art. Nail art polka dots look more festive and stylish. Amazing mix and match ideas by adding line accents, love shapes, and simple floral designs. This nail design will make you more excited and fun.

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Flower Nail Art Themes

Moreover, this is a lovely nail art that appears with beauty. The basic color is romantic pink. And charming floral nail art accents. Nail art design that fits your happy day. Whatever outfit you wear, it will look beautiful with an impressive floral nail art design.

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Parisian Nails

Next is a clean nail polish design. How Parisian nail art designs make you feel always clean and also modern. The design of vintage nail art is simple but still beautiful. In addition, the design of Parisian nail art makes the nails look longer, especially when it is a combination of white and pink ombre.

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Ombre Fun Nail Art

The next nail art design is the addition of ombre to the nail tip. Ombre fun nail art gives us inspiration about how two nail polish blends into a very beautiful and unsightly. The pink color becomes more luxurious with the addition of glitter.

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Lovely Pink Nail

Most of the women like pink. Likewise with more beautiful nail polish with pink. Pink nail polish will be more stunning with the nail art accents in them. For example, with the addition of love and stripes. Alloy pink and white make your short nails more beautiful.

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Almond Shape nail

Highlight a classy nail design with an almond shape design. Almond shapes nail designs will look beautiful even in short sizes. Nude colors increasingly support the elegant appearance of almond nails. In addition, the shape of almond nails makes your fingers more pointed and tapering.

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