8 Comfortable Working Outfits that Don’t Require Complicated Styles

Commonly, just to make sure that you have the fashionable look, you push yourself to wear something that you don’t even feel comfortable with. That is really bad since there are things that you can do to keep you both look fashionable and comfortable. Especially for your working outfit where the comfort is a must so that you can do your job easily and happily. Here are some comfortable outfit combinations that you can adapt.

Coat with Wide Leg Trousers

For the formal and chic working outfit impression, coat will never fail you. It is because coat can juggle the t-shirt can be proper for your working outfit when you layer it. That is really easy and awesome how the coat can work really well for your working outfit. Then, you can simply wear your wide leg trousers to make it even more appropriate for your working outfit. Really easy, right!

Short Skirt with Sweater

This one is the example of the comfortable and the fashionable working outfit that you can wear. The wide cut short skirt will give you the possibility to move easily where the legging added here gives you the courteous impression. Then, for the top wear, you can wear the simple white shirt that layered with the black sweater for the fashionable look.

Knee Black Dress

Although really simple, but you can’t underestimate this outfit. Even only with the knee black dress without any belt or details, but it is really appropriate for your working outfit. It is because black is the color that can give you the prestige look. The fierce impression creates from the color also really helpful for your confidence.

Classic Leather Shoes and Blazer

Blazer and the classic leather shoes can be a really good match for your classic working outfit. In this case, basically you can wear any color of it, but it is better for you to wear something in neutral colors like black, brown, beige, or grey. It is recommended because the classic working outfit doesn’t comes in bright and stand out colors.

Casual Ripped Jeans with Blazer

For you who love something casual, then you can wear the ripped jeans for sure. Since jeans known as the comfortable bottom wear then it is also recommended to be the working outfit. However, you have to choose the right match so that you won’t look impolite with your ripped jeans. In this case, you can wear the blazer to juggle your look.

Plain White Shirt

Simplicity is the concept that modern women choose mostly. Here, to create the simple outfit is really easy. Look at this look where you just need to wear the plain white shirt that doesn’t even have any details. Then, for more comfort feeling, pair the shirt with jeans then, voila! Your simple yet comfortable working outfit is created!

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Patterned Shirt with Trousers

In case you want to have the pattern for your working outfit but do not want to look too stand out, then this shirt is the best reference for you. Although this shirt has the black color with the same pattern color, but it is already have the ability to create the beauty of the pattern. In hence, simply pair it with brown trousers to calm down the tone.

Sweater with Wide Leg Trousers

Wide leg trousers is something that will always proper for the working outfit. Moreover, it is also really comfortable and allow you to have the easy movement. This time, the wide leg is used to create the simple yet stand out look by combining it with the neon top wear. Here, the sweater is applied after the shirt that has the same color. The collar of the shirt is exposed to create the courteous impression.

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