23 Ways to Create Chic Working Outfits that Will Surely Comfortable

Chic is such a style that can give the the fashionable look without following the trends. It can even make you have the good individuality since you know exactly on how to style yourself without influenced by the trends. That is why chic style can be the perfect working outfit to adapt. Commonly chic has the simple style in neutral color although sometimes the other colors also applied for this style. The point is that don’t wear something crowded and too much.

Chic Yet Casual

For the chic style that leaning to the casual look, you can simply wear the trousers or jeans. Wear the basic colors such as black, beige, or white. Then, if you want to have the pattern, you can simply choose the plaid pattern as it is the kind of pattern that doesn’t have the crowded characteristic. For the cut, free yourself to choose whether the wide cut or the tight one.

Tight jeans that combined with white shirt for the trendy look. Then, the brown blazer here matches with gold shining flats.
Simple white and black working outfit here added with scarf that applied like a tie for the modern and trendy impression.
Buttoned blazer here matched with black shoes. Then, the brown plaid trousers worn for the unique impression.
Wide leg trousers can be the choice for your chic look. In hence, you can combine it with the shirt and sweater for the casual impression.
Black top wear and ripped jeans here combined with the beige coat so that the look won’t be too chill.
Light brown buttoned blazer could be really flexible to be combined with any color outfit. That is why this black jeans and white inner won’t fail you to get the best look.
With the belt added for the trousers here, you can get the chic look especially when you combine it with the brown coat.
Not only black, dark brown can also create the fierce impression. Wear the leather shoes so that you can get the chic look.
Brown suede vest also proper for your office outfit. Wear white sheer shirt to be the inner of the vest and black trousers.
All black outfit that combined with brown buttoned blazer. This outfit get the uniqueness because of the tassel of the wide leg trousers.
Long beige coat with the sweater material inner has the harmonious color. This look has the casual impression from the ripped jeans.
Fresh green turtleneck sweater can be a really stand out outfit for your office look. Then, the shining wide leg trousers make this look even more stand out.

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Chic Yet Feminine

If feminine has become the character that you build for your self, then you can still have it to be combined with your chic style. Here, you can wear the skirt and dress. Or, you can also wear the trousers as long as you can mix it with the right outfit to create the feminine look. Just like the casual outfit, you can wear the outfits with the neutral colors choice or the other basic colors.

Blue knee skirt with unique style as it provided with layer. Then, the beige blouse here decorated with the beads for more stand out look.
Brown wrap skirt here has the pattern which is awesome. Then with the white shirt, you can make this look not to be too much. Top off the look with shawl for the prettier impression.
Brown midi skirt with the same belt color look harmonious. Pair it with the normal sleeve t-shirt to get the chic and simple look.
Green sweater here look really stand out as it combined with white skirt to calm down the tone.
Brown leather skirt with can be a perfect one for your office outfit. Wear beige blouse to match the brown skirt.
White pleated midi skirt in midi style here can be perfect when combined with brown sweater. Wear the black bag to perfect your look.
Wrapping striped skirt here not only pretty but also unique. Wear the white top wear then top off the look with grey long coat.
Brown wide cut skirt in leather material will get the warm impression when you combine it with animal print top wear.
All black outfit from the top wear to the bottom wear that top off with the furry layer in white and grey color.
Sleeveless wrapping top wear here looks awesome especially with the turtleneck style. Combined it with knee wide leg trousers then you’ll have a very perfect look.
Dark grey dress here has the matching color with the layer which has the grey color in wrapping coat.

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Both the casual and feminine look, all can be applied for the chic style. That is why this style is really worthy to adapt since the casual and feminine both can wear this chic style. Moreover, because of its simplicity, you won’t look too much yet trendy which is really worthy for your office outfit. Again, since it has the neutral or basic color choice so that it will be really easy to be combined with any accessories.

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