36 Classy Ombre Hair Color Ideas to Try this Winter

If you have a plan to change your hair color on this winter, one advice is try to use ombre color. It is so refreshing and trendy. One thing you should know that this technic needs specific skill how to do it and also takes time definitely. But, you will be satisfied with the result. Now, I will give you some inspirations what ombre colors that you can copy in this winter.

Firstly, you can try with natural color or color which is referring to your skin tone. Usually it uses dark color from your top hair then gradually change it into brighter color. For example, use brown or black color then use blond color. Another example is still using dark color on your top hair then ombre it with ash gray color. This kind of ombre color is the most favorite color recently. For more ideas, take a look on these pics below.

Two-Tone Neutral Ombre
Ash Gray Ombre Hair
Angled Ombre Color
Auburn Ombre
Beach Blonde Ombre
Cascading Ombre Color
Casual Beach Wave Ombre
Champagne Ombre

image source

Crimson Ombre Hair
Curly Natural Ombre Hair.
Do the Wave ombre.
White Blonde Ombre
Drastic Ombre.
Glamorous Bronde Ombre.
Golden Brown Ombre.
Crimson Ombre Hair

image source

Light to Dark Ombre.
Long, Fine Ombre Hair.
Mega Thick Bangs with Ombre Hair.
Natural Brown Ombre.
Natural Long Ombre.
nspired by Fire.
Ombre Hair Combined with Curls.
Platinum Ombre Curl.

image source

Pretty Purple Ombre.
Punk Purple Ombre.
Purple Passion Ombre.
Smoke and Silver Ombre.
Soft Red Ombre.
Strawberry Blonde Ombre Hair.
Strawberry Siren Ombre.
Sunny Blonde Ombre.
Sunny Ombre.
Chocolate Ombre.
Sunset Curly Ombre.
From Blonde to Blonder.

image source

Actually you can apply another color which is so different than usual or out from you color zone. Then, you can have an eye-catching hair look. You also can apply more than two colors, you can have 4 ombre hair colors. Briefly, you can match the colors with your outfit or what occasion that you will attend. It is absolutely interesting way to beautify your whole look. Moreover, you can modify your hair design by making it wavy, stright, curly, etc. Those will get you a trendy and chic look.

Another thing you should consider that you need to take care your hair, because your hair have been done by chemical thing, so you really provide some haircare products to make sure that your hair not dry and still healthy. Especially in winter, you need to prevent to have bad hair days.

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