23 Latest Classic Working & Business Outfit Ideas for Women

For the working and business outfit, classic still becomes the loved ones to have. It is because this style can create such an elegant, professional, and good personality impression. All the things that you need for your working outfit impression can be fulfilled by the classic style. Moreover, the easy movement can also be reached by wearing the classic style that depends on how you mix and match the outfit.

Blazer or Coat

Blazer and coat are two things that really have the classic character. You can simply wear those two things if you want to build your classic style. In this case, you can have it in a suit which is matching from the blazer and the trousers. Or, you can have it in different colors as long as the choice of the color and materials are matching. Check out the following references.

Blue suit outfit that has a harmonious blazer and trousers color. Then, for the inner, this outfit provide the white sweater top wear.
Beige is an awesome color to create a classic look. Then, for a fierce impression, you can choose the black color for the trousers and inner top wear.

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You can also wear sneakers for the classic look. In hence, pair your sneakers with the black tight trousers and blazer. Choose grey for the inner to match with your black color.
Black and white outfit not only able to create the modern look. Here, you can use it to create a classic look. Wear the leather shoes to strengthen the classic impression.
Grey plaid blazer won’t fail you to create the classic look. Combine it with white trousers to match the white color. Then, if you want the stand outlook you can wear green suede heels and a red clutch.

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White blouse paired with a white blazer for the harmonious look. Then combine it with a black color that will be fit with your white top wear.
Striped shirt here combined with a striped blazer in black color which is harmonious. Then the floral clutch will work well to create the beauty.
For the fierce look, you can have the all-black outfit for the inner, blazer, and even the trousers.
Light grey suit from the blazer to the trousers will be the calm and simple office outfit for your classic style. Wear white sneakers to give you more comfort.

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Short Skirt or Dress

Just like the trousers, you might also need to wear the blazer or coat to be your layering outfit. With that way, you can simply get the classic look as long as you don’t wear something too crowded whether for the outfit style, color, and pattern. Or, you can also wear the blouse to be combined with the skirts. There are some blouse styles that have a classic impression as follows.

For the feminine classic look, you can wear the short dress in the sleeveless plaid outfit. Then wear the white shirt in a long sleeve style as the inner.
The blouse that has the bow is really common for the classic look. By having it in a pink color, you can have the pretty one which combined with a black short skirt.

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Striped short skirt will be the unique one for the classic style. You can combine it with black top-wear and beige blazer to strengthen the classic impression.
The top wear managed to be matching with the heels in beige color. Then, to make the outfit looks special, you can wear a leather short skirt.
This blouse has the sheer sleeve for a different look. Combine it with a mini skirt in dots pattern and wear the black stocking to keep your look being decent.

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The short dress in dots pattern will be the popular yet worthy classic office outfit. Top off your look with the animal print coat.
Suit outfit with blazer and skirt which all are in black color. The patterned inner will be functional to create the beauty of your black classic outfit.
To give your look not boring impression, you can add a black belt for your white knee dress in the V neck style. Wear the nude color heels to give another accent of your look.
The black buttoned sweater can be warm if you combine it with a green short skirt. Wear the small belt to add the beauty and classic touch of your look.
Buttoned dress in beige color can be really worth it since it has a warm classic impression. Wear the same heels color and a black bag for the professional look.
Although in sweater material, this skirt is quite worthy of your classic look. Combine it with blank turtleneck top-wear to give you fierce touch.
Leather is the classic look that paired with the suede material which is awesome. You can simply wear a black short dress since the jacket and shoes have been standing out.
The red sweater combined with a white shirt is great especially when you show the collar. Wear a pink skirt to make your classic style looks even sweeter.

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Both the trousers and skirts can be applied to your classic look. What you have to do here is just adjusting the top wear and the layer to get the classic impression. Moreover, you might also have you consider your footwear and bag that can strengthen the classic look. You can check out from our references above to choose the right footwear.

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