28 Best Skirt Ideas to Add Your Wardrobe Collections This Winter

Are you wondering what kind of outfits you will wear in winter? Consider skirts as your main outfit then you can easily combine it with any thicker or layered tops. Because in winter you need some thicker outfits which accomodate your need of being warm yet stylish, skirts can be the answer. Even though, the weather is cold, skirt offers you a perfect outfits with various tops and footwear.

In general, skirts are available in some cuts, motifs, and material. Thick materials such as cotton, denim, suede, and velvet are some of warmer fabric you may opt. Besides, to look stunning, you can pair your skirt with sweater, leather jacket, long sleeved T-shirt, and so on. If you look for some references, just let this article guide you.

a unique shaped black mini skirt with a grey sweater
a black mini skirt with a round neck sweater and black leather jacket
a blue skirt and a black long sleeved T-shirt
a grey skirt with black lace and a black blazer
a beautiful elegant white straight mini skirt
a black pleated mini skirt and a stripped long sleeved T-shirt
a cute black mini skirt

image source

a fashionable mini black leather skirt and tribal sweater
a stylish blue plaid skirt
a ruffled mini skirt with leopard prints
a tight mini skirt with a black leather jacket

image source

an eye-catching pink skirt with a striped T-shirt
a black skirt and a funky leather jacket
a black midi pencil skirt and an elegant blouse
an orange pleated skirt
a grey casual skirt
a red skirt paired with a stylish leopard printed high heels
a maroon skirt and a modest maroon sweater with belt
a black skirt with a luxury blazer
a grey skirt with a pair of cute orange high heels
a brown plaid skirt and boots

image source

a long elegant skirt
a green plaid skirt with zipper
a long black skirt with a jeans jacket
a stylish long green skirt with a black leather jacket
a nice long stripped skirt and a black hoodie jacket
a long black pleated skirt with sneakers
a patterned skirt with a long sweater

In cold winter, it does not mean you cannot be fashionable with your mini skirt. It is absolutely possible. Even, you can be more stylish to combine your mini skirt with your thicker or layered tops. Then, by applying some stylish ideas, you can be as comfortable and beautiful as usual though the weather is cold. In addition, whether it is short or long skirt, you can freely combine it with plain or oversized sweater, blazer or cardigan. Just be brave to pair your skirt with knitted sweater, stripped long sleeved T-shirt, or long blazer. Moreover, choose the best skirt, plain or with pattern, patterns like tribal, floral, or stripes are very popular.

So, let’s take examples. A black mini skirt combine with a grey sweater looks fabulous to pair with high-knee boots. Furthermore, if you are keen on patterned skirt, a green plaid skirt with a white T-shirt inside completed with a black leather jacket brings you into a casual yet amazing vibe. On the other hands, a long skirt steals some women’s attention as well. They think it is more comfortable and warmer to wear. And it fits with your blazer for a formal look or leather jacket for more casual occasions. But, you can mix and match the outfits for your winter so that it fulfills your need to be stylish and fashionable in winter this year.

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