24 Tips to Wear Skirts for Your Winter Outfit

Although winter hits us with cold weather, you are still possible to mix and match your outfits to look stylish. Also, you can wear layered or thicker outfits to warm your body. For example, sweater and long coat, shirt and jacket, or leggings and skirt. Especially for skirt, you can have it as your best winter outfit that will keep you on fashionable look. Here, the followings are the examples of skirt idea as winter outfits.

Flare Skirt

A flare skirt will make you feel stylish to combine with your winter tops. Besides, it is also easily paired with your sweater, shirt, jacket, or long coat. Here, both midi or long flare skirts can be your winter outfits references. Moreover, to look more elegant, colored flare skirts sound interesting to have. On the other hands, floral, plaid, pleated, or ruffled skirt can beautify your winter and make you become an inspiring one. For example, to look great in your formal occasion, pick your green pleated skirt and a white blouse. Then, go with a pair of ankle boots and a polka dot jacket.

Grey flare skirt combined with furry black jacket which is really match. Here, since the colors used are in neutral shade then simplicity will be the theme.
Green pleated skirt and black polka dot jacket seems can be the great combination. Then, wear the white blouse as the inner.
plaid skirt combine with orange jacket and knee-high boot
pleated skirt with combination of knee-high boot and black coat

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monochrome pink outfit with pink blazer and pink ruffle skirt

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long green skirt and leather jacket for your style
floral skirt combine with denim jacket and handbag
long green skirt with black long sleeve t-shirt
red skirt and black legging to combine with black long sleeve t-shirt
cute floral skirt combine with white blazer and high heel
long black skirt and grey jacket
long pink skirt and black knit cropped sweater

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Mini Skirt and Black Stocking

Furthermore, if you think you have to keep away from wearing your mini skirt, it is totally wrong. Nevertheless, the weather is cold and you look for warmer outfits, you can still consider your mini skirt. Besides, your mini skirt will make you look pretty stylish and feminine. In accordance to this idea, you can pair your mini skirt with your black stockings to give wsrmtg for your leg.

black mini skirt and black legging combine with grey knit sweater
plaid mini skirt and black stocking with unique black jacket
red pleated mini skirt and black stocking with striped T Shirt and black blazer
black mini skirt and stocking combine with black leather jacket
black mini skirt and stocking combine with white knit sweater and round hat
black leather mini skirt and black stocking with long black shirt and grey jacket
mini skirt and polka dot stocking combine with knit pink sweater and round hat
striped mini skirt and black stocking with knit sweater
unique pattern mini skirt and black stocking combine with dark blue knit sweater and coat
unique animal pattern mini skirt and black stocking with long white blouse
leather mini skirt and black stocking combined with white T Shirt and leather jacket
black mini skirt and stocking with white knit sweater

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As we stated before, skirts can be the one of your winter outfits. Here, any tops like sweater, blazer, coat are the most commonly tops to pair with skirt. As well as that, skirts will make you look girly and can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. Also, to look more trendy, a pair of ankle boots guarantees you to be more impressive.

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