24 Classy Winter Street Style Ideas For Women

Hi, ladies! What have you prepared for winter? What about your outfits? As we know that winter hit us with cold weather. But, we have to keep doing some duties even outdoor activities. Besides, to make our body warm, we usually choose thicker material or wear layered outfits. But, we have also focus on how our thick outfits give us the feeling of comfortable and warm.

Thus, some women now love to follow several street styles in winter which give them a fashionable yet fullfil the need of warmth. Whereas, you can also create your own street style to inspire anyone else who look for a stylish winter outfits. Well, the followings are some inpiring examples of winter street style you may love. Check them out!

Faux fur jacket with leather shoes and fur scarf.
Black lagging with a turtleneck sweater and sling bag
Blue ripped jeans with knit turtleneck sweater.
Black ripped jeans with furry jacket and ankle boots.
Ripped jeans with a turtleneck sweater and sneakers.
Leather jacket with red sweater and patterned boots.
Ripped jeans with brown cardigan and brown beanie.
Black pants with a hoodie and leather jacket.
Leather jacket with turtleneck sweater and ankle boot.
Patterned Overcoat with black boot and scarf.

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Burgundy coat and wool coat with calf boots and scarf.
Casual Denim Shirt and Skinny Jeans.
Plaid cape blazer with contrasting turquoise jumper and skinny pant.
Turtle Neck Sweater with Skinnies.
Winter street style with biker jacket and leather pants.
Winter Street Style Animal Print Casual Shoes and all-black outfit.
Winter Street Style with chunky scarf, black overcoat and skinny.
Winter Street Style with Fur Hood Duffle Coat, Patterned Scarf and Jeans.
Winter Street Style with Fur Hooded Coat, Contrasting Red Scarf and Skinny.
Winter Street Style with Long boots and Jeans Pants.
Winter Street Style with Long Coat and a white tank top.
Winter Street Style with Oversized Parka Coat and furry boot.
Winter Street Style with Black Scarf and Formal Dress.
Winter Style with Fur Scarf, Wool Overcoat and Black Skinny.

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In general, thicker outfits have some various choice. For examples, sweater, long coat or cardigans, leather jacket, etc. Then, these tops are suitable to combine with bottom wears like ripped jeans, pants, skirt, or cullotes. Also, the winter street styles are commonly offers you some mix and match outfits with simplicity and warmth.

Furthermore, your footwear must be comfortable as well. In fact, street styles in winter mostly bring kinds of boots such as ankle boots and high knee boots. Nevertheless, if you want to look more sporty, you can have sneakers as well. In addition, for those who wants to look both formal and faminine, go with your pair of high heels. Let’s get some examples. First, your black skinny jeans combined with long thick jacket will bring you into a trendy look. Then, wear your gloves and furry scarf to look warmer. Besides, for you who love wearing sweater, you can pick your round neck sweater or high neck one and match it with your skinny pants. Go more feminine with a pair of high heels. Therefore, this style can be your reference of business outfits in winter. Finally, just be stylish with your street style in winter, guys!

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