25 Stylish Bottom Wears in Winter

It is the challanging time when winter comes. The cold weather automaticcaly affects to the way we dress up. But, just don’t be worried because you can even look fashionable while you wearing your winter outfits. In general, your winter outfits are thicker than your usual outfits. Moreover, you can also wear layered outfits to make you warmer. Additionally, winter allows you to mix and match your outfits. Thus, you can find the one you really think it is suitable and comfortable to keep your body warm. Also, in finding the right winter outfits combination, consider your tops and bottoms so that they give you more inspiring winter style. Therefore, in the gallery below, we provide you some examples of winter outfits, in term of bottom wears.

White Stocking

First, white stocking can be your option. Especially for those who love wearing mini skirt, white stocking will help you more. Thus, you can still keep wearing your mini skirt, mini dress, or hotpants. Then, you can combine your white stocking with your moni skirt and oversized sweater. If you want to go day out, you can add some accessories like scarf and skulcap.

white legging combine with mini skirt and red high heels
white leggings combined with a chic dark blue dress and white cardigan
white legging and polka dot dress
white legging with thick red jacket and plaid scarf
white legging with polka dot dress and grey blazer
white legging combine with polka dot skirt and thick jacket
white leggings combine with yellow dress and beige shoes to get match look
white legging with long white shirt, mini skirt and black high heels
white legging and shoes with furry jacket for your style
pretty white legging and furry jacket
white leggings combine with dress and red cardigan
white legging and lace dress combine with white cardigan
white legging combine with white dress and cardigan

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Black Legging

On the other hands, it is not only white stocking which offers you a fashionable look in winter, but black legging can also be your alternatives. As we know, black is a neutral color that allows you to combine it with other colors. Also, when you are wearing black legging, you can match this botyom wear with thicker tops like furry jacket, leather jacket, sweater, blazer, pr long coats.

black legging and thick jacket
black legging combine with furry jacket and white shoes
black legging with white T Shirt and black blazer
black legging and white blouse combine with unique pattern flat shoes for your style
black legging with combination of thick knit sweater to get warm feels
black leggings with turtleneck sweater beige coat
black legging combine with long black shirt and long outer
black legging and thick green jacket

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black legging combine with black skirt and thick jacket
black legging and thick blazer with white shoes
black legging with white sneakers for your vocation
black legging combine with unique pattern coat and skullcap

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Besides, to get more fancy look, white stocking and black legging are possible to wear in your casual occasion. For instance, your black legging can be worn for your best partner for holiday. It is enough for you to combine it with thick or long coat and sneakers. Also, you may wear any outer for a night or day out. Eventually, just try these two bottom wears to make a fancy look for your cold weather.

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