61 Most Cute School Fall Outfits For Teen Girls Trending Right Now

School outfits are amongst the hardest things to pick. Especially if you’re still in middle school. Your outfits need to be stylish yet somehow school appropriate. High school and middle school usually have stricter rules when it comes to their dress code. Even shirts with provocative sayings cannot be worn. Let alone shorts and tank tops. It may seem impossible to stay on top of your fashion game when you’re being restricted like this. But that’s not the case at all! There are still a lot of things you can do to stay stylish yet still your teacher’s favorite students. After all, you don’t have to dress revealing to be cool. Here we’ve compiled some of the best school outfits for teen girls that are trending right now. Keep on reading!

If your school is strict about writings on shirts and such, you can still opt for plain shirts. You might not want to because they are too boring. But with the right accessories, even plain clothes can be glamorous! Go easy on the jewelry though. Some schools hate that. Plain shirts can also be combined with really cool blazers and outers. If you have denim jackets, you can definitely wear one. Keeping you warm and out of trouble. Double kill! However, keep in mind that some schools also have rules on the colors you wear. Try to ask around what is and what is not appropriate in your school before going in. There’s nothing worse than showing up looking like you belong in a detention room!

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