71 Cozy and Cute Fall Outfits with Long Cardigan

Weather is getting colder and it is time to change the clothes in our wardrobes with thicker ones. I like autumn very much because it is not very hot or very cold. That’s why we can go outside with different kind of clothing like: cardigans, jean jackets, trench coats, rain coats… Autumn has given this opportunity to us! Before it is getting colder, I want to wear these things as much as possible. Because when the winter comes, all I want to wear will be thick coats. I always feel cold! Therefore, I want to share some fall outfits with you which have become my favorite this season.

When we talk about fall outfits I always think long elegant cardigans. They are can be my joker items for autumn. I think that they always look stylish, and it is easy to combine them either sporty or chic way. You just need to be careful about color options and the length of the cardigan. First of all, if you are not a tall woman, please prefer to wear high heels shoes with long cardigans so it can make you look taller. Than, you can choose your cardigan’s color according to your style. I like white, light pink, camel or cream cardigans for fall outfits. However, my favorite one is always black!

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