61 Trendy Beard Styles For Men in 2019 You Can Try

Speaking of beard style men, It is undeniable that today’s men would like to grow their beard because it currently becomes a trend. For some people, the beard may look disgusting, but if you can take care of your beard, it can even make you look handsome and macho. Beard can also increase your self-confidence. However, you still need to pay attention to your beard style which should match your face shape.

Sometimes, choosing the wrong beard style will only make your appearance awkward, and it can even make it look so disturbing. So, before you decide to shave or grow your beard, you have to know a few beard style men which suitable for face shape.

before we check the face types which match beard styles, you probably have to know some types of beard styles men that are suitable for you. Basically, there are some types of beard styles which you may need to know. The first is the Full Beard which covers the whole area of the chain and jaw and it has longer hair. Secondly, the chin strap which belongs to a thin beard style which only covers the jaw area and resembles a strap. Thirdly, Goatee and Mustache is the type of beard which covers the chin area under the lip and the jaw with a mustache. The fourth is the Balbo style which has a full beard with short hairs and covers the chin and the jaw area.

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